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Affiliate marketing for Amazon
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Affiliate marketing for Beginners  

Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning money in the form of commissions for the sale of every product or service which is due to the promotion of that product by the affiliate. Means whenever because of your promotion a company gets a sale for their product or service, they simply pay you commission. These promotions can be via links that an affiliate can give on his website, blog or social media for that product.

How does It Works?

When a product is produced by the seller either it can be a physical object or a service, they need to promote or advertise these products to attract the consumers. Promotion and advertisement can increase the sales of that product as more people will be get to know about that product and if they found it beneficial, they will buy it.

Here comes the role of an affiliate marketer, his main work is to present the product in an appealing way to the potential consumers. In other words, his job is to persuade the buyer to buy that product by making him feel that this product is beneficial for him.

Affiliate marketer shares about the product on his social media, blogs or websites. He provides link of that product on his various social media platforms, blogs or website from where the buyer can purchase that product.

How get paid for work ?

Affiliate Marketer get paid mainly in three ways: 


This is most common way through which a affiliate marketer gets paid. He gets commission for that each sale a seller got due to his promotion. The seller pays him a percentage of the selling price as commission.


The affiliate marketer can be also paid for each lead a merchant got by the promotion. This lead can be in the form of persuading a buyer to visit the merchant website and filling of a form or subscribing for free service.


The affiliate Marketer are also paid on the basis of clicks got by merchant on his website. This is usually done to increase the traffic on the merchant website.

Why do Affiliate Marketing?

Passive source of income

Affiliate Marketing is a best source of passive income. As Warren Buffet said “If you can’t make money while you are sleeping then you have work till you die”. Affiliate marketing can make money for you even when you are sleeping. Just some hours of work can create an additional source of income for you.

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Work from anywhere 

If you hate going to jobs everyday then affiliate marketing is a best solution for you because you can do it from any part of the world. You can do it at your own comfort and at your own preferred timings. You are the boss here and you can do this job without ever getting out of your pajamas.

Cost Effective

To do Affiliate Marketing, you don’t need a big office, large number of employees or a big capital. Just you need is a laptop or mobile phone and an internet connection. 

Some tips to become a successful Affiliate Marketer

Select your Niche

There are many products that can be affiliated but a successful Affiliate Marketer choose those products in which he personally believes so that he makes sure that the consumer gets the valuable product. This niche can be gadgets, beauty products, fashion items etc.

Start reviewing the products 

After selecting your niche, you can start reviewing those products which fall within your niche. After reviewing the product tell your readers about the benefits of that product and tell them that how this product is beneficial for them and persuade them to buy that product.

Choose several platforms

An affiliate marketer should always use multiple platforms to promote the product. He should never rely on just one source. Multiple platforms can help in targeting larger audience. These platforms can include social media, blog, website and e-mail.

Best Affiliate marketing platform - There are several platform available in the market , where you can start your journey of affiliate marketing , and make money easily.

Websites :

A.  Affiliate marketing for Amazon

B. Click Bank Affiliate marketing

C. Check this link  

Affiliate marketing for Amazon
Affiliate marketing for amazon/ image by google


Affiliate marketing is an ideal solution for those people who want to gain control on their income by focusing on performance-based revenue options. This is also a good source of passive income and gives you the comfort of working from your home. The success in Affiliate marketing depends on your marketing skills. You can take affiliate marketing as your primary career or as a second job option. In any ways if done properly it can help you in achieving your income goals.

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